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I generally like blogs about anti-racism, feminism (womanism), science, religion, books, vegan recipes, my various fandoms, knitting, and funny shit.

So as you might expect, this blog of mine is some amalgamation of the above.

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You know you love it.

My fandoms:

* Mass Effect
* Dragon Age
* Avatar (TLA and LOK)
* Arrested Development
* Community (sorta)
* Star Trek (DS9 and TNG)
* Song of Ice and Fire
* Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab
* Doctor Who (sorta but not really anymore.)
* Popular Science (Carl Sagan, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Michio Kaku, etc.)
People on My Dash

Profits have gone up. Jobs have gone … down.

Contrary to what conservatives keep screaming (as if screaming it loudly enough and often enough will make it true), as businesses make more profits, THEY ARE NOT HIRING MORE WORKERS. 

Lowering taxes on big business does not encourage business to use their profits to hire more people and lower employment. It just increases personal profit.